Second Best: A DnD Adventure
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Second Best: A DnD Adventure is a real-play D&D 5e comedy podcast created by NYC improvisers.

Second Best follows the adventures of Bug, Yolanda, Gail, and Hue in a fantasy realm called Milarien. They’re not the finest adventurers in the land - a fact they’re reminded of a lot - but that won’t stop this determined bunch.

Stephen Buckley is your dungeon master, the players are Ali Gordon, Glo Tavarez, Marty Scanlon, and Stephen Kelly.

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    Ep 27: Dockblocked - Part 4

    The Tranquility Team faces off against the creepy Ladies of The Bay. Bug is body positive. Yolanda raises a friend's spirit. Gail loses a knife. Hue takes a prank too far.

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    Ep 26: Dockblocked - Part 3

    The Tranquility Team, bogged down by the bragadocious Edris Elbow, make their way into the cave in search of hags. Hue gets thicker skin. Bug declines an advance. Gail gets reminded of home. Yolanda definitely doesn’t flirt.

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    Ep 25: Dockblocked- Part 2

    The team explores more nautical means of escape. Hue picks up an accent. Yolanda gets mad lovestruck. Bug advocates self-care. Gail will not have this dance. DM Stephen goes ham on some NPC voices.

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    Ep 24: Dockblocked - Part 1

    With their secret divulged and no way to leave Nydahar, the gang gets creative with their exit strategy. Gail and Bug seek alternate means of escape while Hue and Yolanda say hello to their little friend. (Stick around for a Q&A with the team after the episode to hear your questions answered!)

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    Ep 23: The Descent

    The newly reunited team descends down Mount Mourning. Hue comes down the mountain with new powers. Bug comes down with a cold. Gail finds a window of opportunity. Yolanda lets it all out.

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    Ep 22: The Ascent - Part 4

    In the final chapter of The Ascent, our divided heroes find themselves in a race against time in two different worlds.

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    Merry Milari-mas! (BONUS December Antic)

    Surprise! Enjoy this special bonus antic! We hope you're having a lovely holiday season wherever you are. We'll be back next week for the finale of the 'The Ascent!'

    You can hear more antics as a $5 or more Patron!

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    Ep 21: The Ascent - Part 3

    In Kordoth, Omine and Luck keep up appearances while Hue powers up. In Nydahar, the rest of our heroes begin their arduous ascent up Mount Mourning. [This arc features special guest Zach Cherry (NBC's I Feel Bad, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Crashing)]

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    Ep 20: The Ascent - Part 2

    In the frozen realm of Nydahar, the Tranquility Team must prove their worth by doing what they do worst: telling the truth. Meanwhile, in the high-tech land of Kordoth, Hue and her twin brother Omine have Luck on their side. [This arc features special guest Zach Cherry (NBC's I Feel Bad, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Crashing]

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    Ep 19: The Ascent - Part 1 (Season 2 Premiere)

    In the Season 2 premiere, everyone finds themselves in foreign lands: what remains of the Tranquility Team on a pilgrimage to a far-away region, and Hue in the bizarre high-tech world of Kordoth.

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    Season 1 Recap & Cast Chat

    Our heroes (real life players) recap the events of Second Best Season 1 (and add insights, personal reactions, and behind-the-scenes commentary) in preparation for Season 2 launch on 11/14. Hungry for more Second Best? Why not check out our Patreon which includes exclusive bonus content and episodes!

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    BONUS Episode + Patreon Announcement!

    We're launching a Patreon! But don't worry, we're not too busy to release something fun in your feeds. Enjoy this spooky Second Best antic! Antics are fun mini-episodes that are available to $5 Patrons on our newly launched Patreon starting today! See link in description for tiers and reward details. Thanks for supporting us, and see you for Season 2 on 11/14!

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    Ep 18: The Final Curtain - Part 4

    Hamletton comes to a thrilling and unwritten conclusion in our Season 1 finale. Is it curtains for our heroes? Yolanda does crowd work. Bug knows friend from fiend. Gail uses her social network. Hue is not herself.

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    Ep 17: The Final Curtain - Part 3

    The show must go on! Our heroes continue juggle entertaining the audience and protecting a Princess. Hue keeps the peace and keeps the pace. Gail gets an upgrade. Bug discovers a strange possession. Yolanda casts a different kind of bird.

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    Ep 16: The Final Curtain - Part 2

    As the curtain opens, two of our heroes are in the audience dealing with unexpected guests, while two are onstage dealing with unexpected ghosts. Yolanda heals on her terms. Bug keeps an "aye" out. Hue takes the lead. Gail blows up someone's spot.

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    Ep 15: The Final Curtain - Part 1

    The morning after The Tranquility Team’s perfectly mundane goat encounter, they are tasked with playing cultural diplomats to a visiting princess. Bug babysits. Yolanda has a heart to (Shale)hart. Hue goes on. Gail really wrecks an egg.

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    Ep 14: The Goat

    The team retreats to Gail’s house to hide their precious cargo, but someone - or something - has beaten them there.

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    Ep 13: The Monstrous Menagerie - Part 3

    Precious cargo in tow and worldview only slightly shaken, the Tranquility Team attempts a daring escape. Bug bears down for a duel. Yolanda resin-ates with enemies. Hue speedruns a level. Gail does hard physics.

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    Ep 12: The Monstrous Menagerie - Part 2

    The team continues their journey through the perilous levels of O’Doult’s mansion, and encounter some unusual guests along the way. Gail shortens the tour. Yolanda shuts things up. Everyone sees Hue. Bug draws up holy power.

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    Ep 11: The Monstrous Menagerie - Part 1

    The gang goes undercover to infiltrate O’Doalt’s mansion full of rare and dangerous creatures. Yolanda Greases up. Bug gets competitive. Gail and Hue revive a classic grift

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    Ep 10: The Docks - Part 2

    A frightening monster is only the second-most dramatic thing the team discovers on a boat this week. Yolanda finds out that marriage hurts. Bug accidentally intimidates. Hue kills with comedy. Gail collects rent.

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    Ep 9: The Docks - Part 1

    The gang kicks off their risky animal-smuggling mission by attempting the most dangerous task of all: getting on a boat. Gail loses her nerve and her knives. Bug never lets go. Yolanda and Hue pull off the perfect con.

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    Ep 8: The Scepter & the Frog - Part 5

    The team receives a new mission once their swampy scepter journey comes to an end, but not before a run-in with the First Best heroes. Gail learns a dark place to hide a dagger. Bug meets someone dumber than him. Hue has a weird one. Yolanda slaps.

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    Ep 7: The Scepter & the Frog - Part 4

    The gang heads to a fancy research institute where they act very proper indeed. Yolanda is reunited with her one true love. Bug gets in a big boy talk. Hue makes her dreams come true. Gail eats a salad.
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    Ep 6: The Scepter & the Frog - Part 3

    Our heroes bring their un-frog-ettable swamp detour to a close. Yolanda hears voices. Gail attempts diplomacy. Hue plays god. Bug lightens up. [Stick around after the episode for a Q&A from Twitter with the team!]

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    Ep 5: The Scepter & the Frog - Part 2

    A quest for true love quickly devolves into an uncomfortable, swampy work retreat. Gail loves love. Yolanda sobers up. Bug counts bottles. Hue tweets.

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    Ep 4: The Scepter & the Frog - Part 1

    Our second best heroes begin their journey to the Gwomma Institute. Gail stuffs it. Bug names a horse. Hue tries some new material. Yolanda finds love, warts and all.

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    Ep 3: Blackhollow - Part 3

    The Tranquility team wrap up their adventures in Blackhollow. Yolanda flips out. Gail stabs things she shouldn't. Hue meats a monster. Bug dreams big.

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    Ep 2: Blackhollow - Part 2

    Our first fight! The team explores secret doors, secret passages, and make secret discoveries about Blackhollow's demon problem. After a nap Yolanda does a 'quick recap' for the police chief which goes as poorly as you'd expect.

    Note that sound is sub-optimal for about ten minutes, but after that it's crystal clear.

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    Ep 1: Blackhollow - Part 1

    The Tranquility Team (that's our heroes - Bug, Yolanda, Hue, and Gail) begin a mission in Blackhollow, investigating some demon sightings. After speaking with Guards, Mayors, Bartenders, Bartenders, and Doctors, they devise an ingenious, elaborate demon trap.

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    Ep 0: Prologue

    Prologue to Second Best: A DnD Adventure. Dungeon Master Stephen Buckley tells us about the world he created, and the players (Ali, Glo, Marty, and Stephen Kelly aka SK) introduce their characters.

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